Waltair MotoCiclo, based in Senador Canedo, Goias, was searching for an efficient way to lower their electricity bills across three different sites:

  • Their residence
  • Their store
  • Another residential property

Their aim was to optimize their energy consumption while enhancing their savings.

Despite having consulted with five different companies that only proposed string inverters, the customer’s energy needs remained unmet. While string inverters are a popular and efficient solution, they weren’t quite ticking all of the right boxes.

That was until Brazilian installer BR7 Solucoes Enertgeticas introduced the customer to the wonders of Hoymiles microinverters.

One of the significant hurdles that the installer had to overcome was the pre-existing notion that string inverters were the only option. However, BR7 Soluções Energéticas saw an opportunity to not only provide a viable alternative, but also to educate and introduce the customer to the benefits of microinverters.

Upon presenting the distinct advantages of Hoymiles’ microinverters, including their robust warranty, safety, reduced energy losses, and top-tier monitoring capabilities, it didn’t take long until the customer recognized the sheer value that microinverters could bring to their operations.

For this particular project, 7 Hoymiles HM-1500 1.5kw – 220w microinverters were expertly installed. The choice to go for Hoymiles over other brands was driven by our product’s undeniable reliability and efficiency.

BR7 had experience with Hoymiles during his previous employment and had developed a strong preference for our products. As a testament to this trust, though they offer two types of quotes, they always advocate for solutions that utilize Hoymiles products, ensuring that their customers experience the best in solar technology.

This successful project execution not only showcases the effectiveness of Hoymiles microinverters in residential setups but also underscores the importance of customer education in the renewable energy sector.

Looking to make a switch to a reliable and efficient solar energy solution? Reach out to Hoymiles today.