Their Story

Modern energy for the multigenerational family

The Schmiedseder family live in a multigenerational household, with each generation occupying a floor with individual grid access.

A photovoltaic solar power system had previously been installed on the roof, which was responsible for supplying the parents on the ground floor with power. Naturally, access to electricity through solar generation soon became of interest to the grandparents living in the house.

But because the roof space was already taken up with panels that were wired up to the ground floor, installer Die Digitalagentur had to explore alternative options for installing solar panels elsewhere on the property.

There were several factors to consider when choosing the most optimal installation. The family wanted:

  • To keep costs as low as possible
  • A system that met local regulations and operated safely
  • Panels that blended into the aesthetic of the home
  • An easy installation process
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long service life

As a result, the elder family members opted for a Balkony – a balcony-situated power plant.

Their Solution

Lower costs and quick installation

With acquisition costs of less than €400, the Balkony power station is extremely affordable despite its exclusive use of high-quality components – including the Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T.

Installation is quick and easy, as the station can be set up and connected to the grid in less than 15 minutes, without the need for specialist personnel. The complete package includes everything needed to install and set up – including all parts, screws, and tools – so all the family needed to do was set 15 minutes aside to get started. Hoymiles inverters are easy to assemble and configure – just plug the components together and you’re good to go.

The W-series is even more convenient because it has a built-in WiFi module, so you don’t need to spend extra time configuring the gateway DTU.

Ease of use was also a key concern, so the Balkony system was an ideal choice — customers can simply log in to their Hoymiles S-Cloud app to monitor their system and see the electricity yield at a quick glance.

The integrated industrial-grade Wi-Fi module also makes the Balkony system less prone to errors, while the embedded antenna is protected from wear and tear by the inverter’s robust design.