Solar energy for the whole family in less than 15 minutes

Their Story

Modern energy for the multigenerational family

The Schmiedseder family live in a multigenerational household, with each generation occupying a floor with individual grid access.

A photovoltaic solar power system had previously been installed on the roof, which was responsible for supplying the parents on the ground floor with power. Naturally, access to electricity through solar generation soon became of interest to the grandparents living in the house.

But because the roof space was already taken up with panels that were wired up to the ground floor, installer Die Digitalagentur had to explore alternative options for installing solar panels elsewhere on the property.

There were several factors to consider when choosing the most optimal installation. The family wanted:

As a result, the elder family members opted for a Balkony – a balcony-situated power plant.

Their Solution

Lower costs and quick installation

With acquisition costs of less than €400, the Balkony power station is extremely affordable despite its exclusive use of high-quality components – including the Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T.

Installation is quick and easy, as the station can be set up and connected to the grid in less than 15 minutes, without the need for specialist personnel. The complete package includes everything needed to install and set up – including all parts, screws, and tools – so all the family needed to do was set 15 minutes aside to get started. Hoymiles inverters are easy to assemble and configure – just plug the components together and you’re good to go.

The W-series is even more convenient because it has a built-in WiFi module, so you don’t need to spend extra time configuring the gateway DTU.

Ease of use was also a key concern, so the Balkony system was an ideal choice — customers can simply log in to their Hoymiles S-Cloud app to monitor their system and see the electricity yield at a quick glance.

The integrated industrial-grade Wi-Fi module also makes the Balkony system less prone to errors, while the embedded antenna is protected from wear and tear by the inverter’s robust design.

Shading? No problem. Making an old home in forest shine again

“The main challenge was building and designing restrictions, but final result is accepted by the city and also client is very happy.” — Installer SigmaSystems OÜ

In the heart of Tallinn, nestled an old residential house surrounded by towering trees that are protected by law. While roof-top solar is a natural choice for the homeowner, shading and the stringent local restrictions still pose challenges to the project. But Hoymiles microinverters proved to be the game-changer for this project.

Shading is not a problem

Traditional string solar inverters operate at the string level, meaning that the performance of the entire solar array is influenced by the shading of even a single panel. This is apparently not an ideal solution for this house whose roof can be shaded by the surrounding trees every now and then.

Hoymiles microinverters offer module-level power production, ensuring that each solar panel operates at its own optimal conditions without being dragged down by under-performing panels. This means that even if some panels are in shadows, other panels in the array would still operate as usual and minimize the energy loss of the whole system.

Innovative design for best value performance

Oftentimes, microinverter systems are known as matching one microinverter with one panel. Hoymiles pushed the envelope by integrating multiple input channels into one microinverter. The HM-1200 model features four input channels, meaning that it can be connected to four solar panels at once. That is why the 20 solar panels installed on the rooftop only need five microinverters.

With this compact and innovative design, you can get the best value performance out of Hoymiles microinverters and achieve the optimal cost-effectiveness.

24/7 safety

With the DC side voltage constantly below 60 V for Hoymiles microinverter systems, there are never electrical shocks or fire hazards.

Hoymiles microinverters are also widely applied in commercial projects, like this gas station project also completed by SigmaSystems.

As the demand for sustainable energy solutions continues to grow, our commitment to innovation ensures that our products remain at the forefront, empowering homeowners to embrace solar energy, even in the most challenging environments.

Find out more about how you can get started with solar power here.

Making the switch to reliable energy

Waltair MotoCiclo, based in Senador Canedo, Goias, was searching for an efficient way to lower their electricity bills across three different sites:

Their aim was to optimize their energy consumption while enhancing their savings.

Despite having consulted with five different companies that only proposed string inverters, the customer’s energy needs remained unmet. While string inverters are a popular and efficient solution, they weren’t quite ticking all of the right boxes.

That was until Brazilian installer BR7 Solucoes Enertgeticas introduced the customer to the wonders of Hoymiles microinverters.

One of the significant hurdles that the installer had to overcome was the pre-existing notion that string inverters were the only option. However, BR7 Soluções Energéticas saw an opportunity to not only provide a viable alternative, but also to educate and introduce the customer to the benefits of microinverters.

Upon presenting the distinct advantages of Hoymiles’ microinverters, including their robust warranty, safety, reduced energy losses, and top-tier monitoring capabilities, it didn’t take long until the customer recognized the sheer value that microinverters could bring to their operations.

For this particular project, 7 Hoymiles HM-1500 1.5kw – 220w microinverters were expertly installed. The choice to go for Hoymiles over other brands was driven by our product’s undeniable reliability and efficiency.

BR7 had experience with Hoymiles during his previous employment and had developed a strong preference for our products. As a testament to this trust, though they offer two types of quotes, they always advocate for solutions that utilize Hoymiles products, ensuring that their customers experience the best in solar technology.

This successful project execution not only showcases the effectiveness of Hoymiles microinverters in residential setups but also underscores the importance of customer education in the renewable energy sector.

Looking to make a switch to a reliable and efficient solar energy solution? Reach out to Hoymiles today.

Hoymiles in Europe: How the reliable and compliant relays improve your solar systems

Everything important starts with a small step – or in the case of solar energy, a small component.

With solar inverters playing a crucial role in energy conversion, their design and function are vital to the effective operation of any solar photovoltaic (PV) system. An often-overlooked component within the larger solar energy setup is the relay.

But what exactly is a relay?

Simply put, it is a safety component within a solar inverter. It works as an electrical isolation switch that isolates the power of the DC side and the AC side in inverters.

Its main function is to interrupt the circuit if any irregularities occur. This interruption helps to prevent any potential damage to both the solar inverter and the grid.

Hoymiles’ relays: Reliable and compliant

Safety, reliability and compliance are at the core of every product designed by Hoymiles. Our microinverters embedded with relays are no exception.

They are built to meet the rigid specifications of European standards IEC62019-2-2011 and EN50549-1:2019, and German regulatory standards VDE-AR-N 4105-2018, bringing you a product that’s locally compliant and ready to serve.

When you invest in a Hoymiles product, you receive a device designed with an emphasis on safety and efficiency, as we aim to provide you with a reliable system for your solar energy needs.

Staying compliance-ready, we’ve got you covered for safety, efficiency, performance, and durability.

What makes Hoymiles’ internal relay reliable?

Our relays satisfy the stringent specifications of the German regulatory standards, making our microinverters a compliant and powerful ally in your renewable energy journey.

Here’s what makes our relays stand out:

At Hoymiles, we choose the best-known brands as we aim to make the journey to renewable energy easy, efficient, and exceptionally safe. Ensuring you get the best from your solar power system, day in and day out.

Why go internal? The Hoymiles advantage

Our choice of an internal relay is intentional and strategic.

Choosing an internal relay over an external relay  offers a number of potential advantages, including:

Firmly welded to the PCB, our internal relays are designed for longevity. There is no need for external components that are time-consuming and costly to install and there are no aging-related concerns. So you’re left with a device that’s safer and more reliable.

Moreover, the design of our microinverters includes a potting compound that fills the device, providing the relay with the same IP67 enclosure rating as the microinverter itself. This effectively safeguards the relay from pollutants and extends its lifespan.

This clever design brings plug-and-play simplicity to your solar PV installation, saving you time and effort.

Safety is our number-one priority

Safety is a paramount concern at Hoymiles. It’s an integral aspect that influences our design and manufacturing processes.

Our products are more than just high-performance pieces of technology – they’re the trusted guardians of your solar journey. Our internal relay is a prime embodiment of our commitment to our customers.

Meeting all the essential criteria – safety, longevity, local standards – our relays are designed and built to keep serving you reliably day after day, year after year. It’s not just about ticking boxes for us, it’s about providing a piece of technology that brings you peace of mind and value that just keeps on giving.

We practice full transparency when it comes to our design choices. The decision to use internal relays stems from their role in helping to ensure component safety and compliance in our products.

The decision wasn’t made on a whim. Instead, it was the result of meticulous research, careful evaluation, and a constant quest to deliver the very best to our customers.

Internal relays: The sensible choice

Hoymiles focuses on compliance and excellent product performance.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, it’s easy for businesses to lose sight of what matters most. At Hoymiles, however, our guiding light remains unaltered: the safety and satisfaction of our customers – as well as their ability to remain compliant.

This enduring dedication to safety, reflected in the design of our internal relays, ensures that every Hoymiles product is not just a purchase, but a smart investment in your safe and efficient solar journey.

The Ultimate Guide for the Best Residential Solar Panel: Get Ready for the 2024

The global residential solar market has been on an ever-growing trajectory for the past few years. It is projected to grow by 14% CAGR during 2021-2031. The growth is driven by the increasing demand for renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and savings on utility bills.

Since solar panels are the key players in solar systems, there is a growing emphasis on choosing the best residential solar panel. A top-quality solar panel can offer higher conversion efficiency and ensure long-lasting performance. Therefore, this guide will first clarify your basics about solar panels and then discuss how to choose the best residential solar panels.

Solar Panels – A Quick Overview

A solar panel, or PV panel, is a collection of solar cells that capture the sunlight and convert the solar energy into electric energy using the photovoltaic effect. Now, let’s refresh our concepts around solar panels.

Working Principle of Solar Panels and Their Role in the Residential Solar System

The process of converting sunlight into electricity involves multiple steps, as follows:

  1. Solar panels are placed in a specific orientation that provides maximum exposure to sunlight.
  2. The sunlight contains photons (tiny energy packets). When the sunlight hits solar panels, the semiconductor material (mostly silicon) absorbs those photons.
  3. The solar energy in the photons excites electrons and makes them start moving.
  4. The electron flow creates a direct current (DC), which charges the battery or transforms to an alternative current (AC) through an inverter.

This way, solar panels harness the solar energy and convert it into useful electricity. In short, solar panels are the heart of the residential solar system. They are the key to generating free electricity from solar energy and power DC/AC appliances. That’s why you should always opt for the best residential solar panels.

The Current Solar Panel Market

The solar panel market has grown significantly in the past two decades due to the growing demand for renewable energy sources and increasing climate concerns. In fact, the global solar panel market alone is projected to grow at 8.2% CAGR from 2022 to 2030 and reach a value of $264 billion.

  1. Types of Solar Panels

The growing solar market has also introduced many types of solar panels. The three popular ones are as follows:

Besides the above, there are many other types of solar panels available. However, monocrystalline solar panels are the most popular and considered the best residential solar panels due to their high efficiency and compact design.

  1. Development Trends of Solar Panel

Continuous research is ongoing in solar PV technology to increase efficiency and reduce cost. So, the main development trends of solar panels include:

In short, the development trends mainly revolve around advancing the existing capabilities of the best residential solar panels and making them affordable for the masses.

  1. Policy and Subsidy Support

The solar panel market is also getting backed by government policies and subsidies. To encourage residents to install solar power systems, governments across the world are offering tax credits, subsidies, loans, and other benefits. Therefore, you can explore the subsidies offered by your country’s government and leverage them while purchasing and installing the best residential solar panels.

How to Choose the Best Residential Solar Panels

You have to look into different factors to choose the best residential solar panels. Some of those factors are as follows:

1. Consider Your Average Energy Needs and Budget

The first factor to consider is your average energy needs and budget. Calculate how much electricity you need to fulfill your energy needs. For that, you can look into your past utility bills and identify the average amount of energy you need.

In addition, consider the maximum budget you can allocate, including any financing option you want to leverage. This way, you can have an estimated budget to spend and an average amount of energy you need.

2. Check Specifications

Next, you have to begin your hunt for the best residential solar panel based on your average energy needs and budget. You have to focus on two main specifications, i.e., efficiency and lifespan.

Efficiency reflects how well the panels convert sunlight into electricity. Typically, monocrystalline panels offer higher efficiency, but you must pick the right type and size of panels that align with your space. Besides that, you also have to consider the lifespan of solar panels. You should opt for panels that offer a prolonged lifespan.

In addition, after-sale services are also vital. Take a closer look at what kinds of after-sale services are offered by the manufacturer and installer, such as warranties, maintenance, customer support, etc.

3. Installation and Maintenance Cost

Once you have shortlisted a few solar panels based on their specifications, installation and maintenance costs are the next factors to consider. Ask those shortlisted residential solar companies to provide a quote about the installation cost and the estimated maintenance cost.

Once you have received different quotes, you can finalize the best residential solar panel manufacturer that aligns with your goals.

Finding A Reliable Solar Installer

A comprehensive home solar power system also requires other parts besides solar panels. So, how do you get all the other parts and accessories required in a residential solar system? This is where Hoymiles comes into action.

Hoymiles is a global provider of Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE). With years of experience and market expertise, we specialize in offering top-notch module-level inverters (microinverters) and storage systems. Our product list includes:

In short, we are the all-in-one global provider of Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE), making us the trusted and one-stop place to get all other parts required in a home solar power system. Furthermore, we offer a prolonged warranty period for our products and 24/7 after-sales services with fast response.


Choosing the best residential solar panel is crucial to having a powerful, efficient, and sustainable solar system at your house. Therefore, follow the above factors and pick the best solar panels that align with your needs. In addition, you also need other crucial tools for the home solar power system. For that, Hoymiles is your ultimate one-stop shop. So, explore our top-notch product line and complete your home solar power system.

10 benefits of commercial solar systems

When it comes to energy solutions, businesses need to consider a number of factors when choosing how they access energy. Cost is always a hugely important consideration, and the most cost-effective solution is often the most attractive. However, reliability is also paramount, with a business’s entire operation often hinging on unbroken access to power. Increasingly, environmental impact is also a significant part of any decision relating to energy access, so the cleaner the energy source, the better.

But the benefits don’t end there. Read on to learn more about industrial solar energy systems’ advantages for business.

Industrial solar energy systems’ advantages for business

Investing in solar can seem like a big decision when it’s possible to simply use power from the main grid. However, there are several significant advantages for businesses that embrace solar.

Tax credits and rebates

Financial incentives are always going to be an attractive prospect for businesses. To encourage more people and businesses to adopt solar power, many governments around the world offer a range of tax incentives. For example, in the US, the Federal Solar Tax Credit rewards businesses that install solar panels with up to 26% of the value in the form of a tax credit.

Solar energy is already cost-effective, with most systems eventually paying for themselves, but the tax incentives make them even more worth the investment. See our guide on how to calculate the return on investment for a solar system for more information about the ROI of solar panels.

Reduction in operating costs

Simply put, solar energy can be cheap. Of course, there are some significant initial costs for setup and installation, but the systems usually require very little maintenance and can operate for years, providing you with almost free energy every time the sun shines.

In addition, modern systems that involve batteries can reduce energy costs even further by providing more stable power, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Explore our guide on smart energy solutions to unreliable weather to learn more about maximizing your solar output.

As energy is often one of the greatest costs for businesses, the low price of solar energy can significantly reduce operating costs for many businesses.

Reduced carbon footprint

Clean energy practices and sustainability for businesses are huge topics of interest today, all over the world. Climate change as a result of fossil fuels is a reality that is already having an impact on people and businesses everywhere, and so it’s natural that the focus is turning on how businesses will do their part.

Many would argue that companies have a social responsibility to reduce their carbon footprints. But beyond ethical arguments, the fact is that sustainability is good for business. Stakeholders of all kinds now want to see businesses acting in a more sustainable way, from the materials they use to the fuels they burn, and switching to renewable energy sources like solar is one of the simplest and most effective ways to meet this demand.

Brand reputation

This leads us to another point on the list of commercial solar benefits for businesses willing to invest in solar energy: reputation. Customers from across the social strata are now increasingly concerned about the environment and carbon emissions, and they’re voting with their wallets, choosing to work with businesses that can demonstrate their efforts to become more sustainable.

Solar is a great way to indicate that your business is committed to reducing its environmental impact, so making the switch to solar energy can have a direct effect on your reputation.

Other financial incentives

In many parts of the world, there are a range of financial incentives available to businesses willing to invest in solar energy. Unlike the tax credits and rebates we’ve already mentioned, some of these incentives involve actual payments made directly to companies that switch to solar power.

More reliable access to energy

Something that many people aren’t aware of is the reliability that solar energy can provide. The main grid is, clearly, reliable enough most of the time. However, power cuts are inevitable, and things like fires, natural disasters, and extreme weather events can make them even more likely. For some businesses, such power outages can be a complete disaster.

And reliability isn’t only about actual access to power, but also price. As we’ve seen in recent months, fossil fuel-based energy prices can fluctuate wildly and unpredictably, which can hit businesses hard or even drive them into bankruptcy.

Solar energy can provide a very reliable energy supply. Hybrid systems using specialized hybrid inverters, in particular, enable businesses to dynamically switch between grid, solar, battery, and generator-based energy depending on the situation and requirements at a given time.

Low maintenance

Many businesses are reluctant to switch to solar energy due to the perceived inconvenience of having to install and maintain new equipment. However, setup causes minimal disruption to operations and, once installed, solar systems require little to no maintenance, often for years at a time. In a microinverter system, each module runs independently of the others, and the entire system can be monitored remotely. For example, a Hoymiles microinverter system is monitored using our S-Miles Cloud platform.

Improved reputation amongst employees

Customer concerns about sustainability are obviously important for any business. But reputation among employees is equally, if not more important. If your workers don’t see you as an ethical business and instead feel that your practices are at odds with their beliefs, they’re unlikely to be motivated and may even choose to leave the company.

Using sustainable energy like solar is an excellent way to show your employees that you’re doing everything you can to be a socially responsible, sustainable employer, and this should help to inspire loyalty.

Support for the local economy

The solar industry is booming, but many installers are still small and medium-scale locally owned businesses. When you purchase and install a solar system for your business using local suppliers, you are directly contributing to the local economy, supporting local jobs, and further encouraging the growth of this sustainable, innovative industry in your area.

Value added to your business and assets

Having a solar panel system installed on your premises can immediately add value to your business. If you ever come to sell your company, it can prove a great selling point, making your business and assets more desirable. See how Hoymiles helps business owners here.

Hoymiles: Clean, open energy for all

Hoymiles offers a wide selection of commercial solar products to help businesses start benefiting from solar energy. Our solutions can help you save money, improve the reliability of your energy supply, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Get in touch today to learn more about our commercial solar solutions and how they could benefit you.